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A loft conversion means to transform your attic into a useful and practical space. However, a true loft conversion demands the expertise of a design professional. Broadly speaking, those planning for extra living space at the home, are open to different loft conversion ideas. Surely, a well-designed attic room will provide an extra habitable space. This will help to free up a busy household and also compounds the value of your property.

It is said that, we need to understand before we are understood. All satisfying and successful loft conversions adhere and uphold the fundamentals as listed below.

  • Bed at the Centre: The means to keep your bed in the centre to make a more of a visual impact, and allows you to create an ensuite or wardrobe.
  • Maximize the daylight: If you’re keen to maximize natural light you can make provision for large windows and adequate ventilation. However, the choice windows depend on the shape and size of the room.
  • Loft and the house should be in balance: The aesthetics and look of the building should not be disturbed by having a loft. However, a greatly planned loft can enhance your living space, and serve as a bedroom and bathroom too.
  • Open plan for your loft: By adhering to an open plan kitchen layout you can maximize the loft space.
  • Loft as a stylish bathroom: You can focus on creating showers that require a minimum amount of headroom and easy access. Also, a freestanding bath can be sited under a low ceiling.
  • Enhanced privacy: This can be achieved by concealed shower fittings and a bespoke glass panels.
  • Home Office in your Loft: Your loft can capably serve as a home office. It is very useful if you opt for pale blinds for your loft office. The pale blinds let the light in but will also reduce the glare.
  • Loft for kids: Lofts are a hit with kids as they potentially serve as bedrooms, and playrooms.
  • Loft extension’s stairs: The loft extension stairs offer great scope for remarkable design and aesthetics. Adding banisters, handrail and paint finishes means to enhance the look and feel of loft stairs.
  • Loft exterior matters: A well integrated loft of your building presents a matching brickwork, rendering or cladding that are strongly contemporary in finish.

A loft conversion is a specialized activity, and demands the guidance of a design expert. A simple loft conversion is better than removing sections of the roof, and creating space for a new loft. This demands planning permissions. A better option will be to opt for a modular conversion that are pre-build as per your choicest design and installed at your building.