Truly, your bedroom is the only place in your home where you can rejuvenate after a long tiring day. With proper lighting, a cozy bed, bespoke wardrobes and the right ambience in your bedroom you will be lulled to sleep and relaxation. Contrary to this, a bedroom with clothes and articles thrown around, and cluttered with useless items seldom can help you to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing sleep. Organizing your bedroom with proper, fitted and bespoke wardrobes seems the proven way to store clothes and items of daily use, and thereby create a loveable and alluring bedroom environment.


Made Two Measure offers the best-in-class, and bespoke wardrobe designs that will meet all your storage needs. Each wardrobe design helps to create a stylish and practical space that perfectly matches every taste. We offer a range of wardrobes in a variety of styles, and finishes. You can browse our bespoke and built in wardrobes and choose the best one that suits your bedroom. Our design experts are always there to help you in making the choice of right and matching wardrobes. We will help you to customize your wardrobes as per your specific need like, need for more hanging space for your formal wear, more shoe racks for your vast shoe collection, better arrangement of your ties and belts, and more secure space for your precious articles as jewelry.

Made Two Measure offers all varieties of bespoke wardrobes. These include the classic ones, and also the latest collections. Remarkably, even if your bedroom has an unusual shape, and the challenging angled walls or sloping ceilings, our designers offer the right and bespoke wardrobes. Each bespoke wardrobe offers a variety of storage options with shoe racks, jewelry trays and corner linen bins. We specialize in crafting corner wardrobes that can maximize space in a stylish and efficient way.


What makes Made Two Measure different and unique?


  • We are run by a team of experienced designers and craftsmen. Our team brings more than two decades of experience in making bespoke wardrobes and installing them in homes across UK.
  • We believe in strong customization, and we give attention to detail. This means to craft and build the highest quality wardrobes.
  • We offer bespoke wardrobes that come in a host of styles. We ensure that the finely crafted wardrobes match and sync with your bedroom furniture.
  • We follow a meticulous and well-defined work process. Each wardrobe design requirement includes custom designing, manufacturing and installation.
  • We care for the protection of the environment and this get reflected as using materials sourced from sustainable sources.
  • We bring to each bespoke wardrobe work the highest levels of craftsmanship. This helps us to achieve a high level of customization, and creating bespoke wardrobes that truly unique in their own way.

Made Two Measure provides end-to-end support on design and execution of bespoke wardrobes. We ensure that each bespoke wardrobe matches the exact contours of your room. Our focus is on creating more space. As there is no top panel, side panel or back panel, each bespoke wardrobes stretches from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.